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Relevant examples are given to cover the importance of the effectiveness of my teaching style as well as its downside. My teaching style is dominated by two preeminent styles: allround flexible and adaptable teacher and big conference teacher. 1 These results are in line with what I have experienced.

Extended Essay. 50 Excellent Extended Essays. Click on any link below to view an example of an outstanding extended essay. Philosophy of Education (Example# 1) My personal goal for my future classroom is to challenge students and watch them grow to their full potential. I want to take students at different levels and see them develop together for the Two examples of good work two dissertations that were marked as firsts: Resolutions and Strength of Will Do we need to be essentialists about biological species to show that they are explanatorily useful?

Extended Essay in Philosophy Points: 3536 Grade: A BE YOUR VERY BEST Note: This extended essay serves as an example essay that is meant to inspire you in you work with your own extended essay. We hope that it is used for identifying elements that are good to include in order to obtain the grade you strive for. Any plagarism is strictly Philosophy of education Essay Example. The Philosophy of Education is a wide and varied examination of Education and its benefits, flaws and rooms for growth.

There have been many schools of thought concerning the topic of Education and Philosophy. My Philosophy of Teaching When thinking of a philosophy of teaching, four major issues need to be considered. Those issues are ones views on education, the role of the teacher, teaching and learning, and on the children. The IB Extended Essay (or EE) is a 4, 000 word structured minithesis that you write under the supervision of an advisor (an IB teacher at your school), which counts towards your IB Diploma (to learn about all of the IB diploma

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