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A natural fit is to locate a key in the authors element and the matching keyref in the books element. However, since a xs: Permitted XPath Expressions. The W3C XML Schema Recommendation states that" to reduce the burden on implementers, in particular implementers of streaming processors, I have this XML schema but I don't know how to complete it in order to achieve what I need.

I searched a lot online about unique and keyref usage, but all I can find are basic examples. This is my. How to use unique and keyref properly in XML schema XML Schema keykeyref how to use them? Ask Question. up vote 24 down vote favorite. 6. Compiling XML schema to Java with keykeyref identity constraints. 0. XSD Applying global rules. 0. Reference another tag in my XML Schema. 0. Expressing a must exist relationship in XML schema.

2. XML Schema keyref Element Definition and Usage. The keyref element specifies that an attribute or element value correspond to those of the specified key or unique element. (The? sign declares that the element can occur zero or one time, and the sign declares that the element must occur one or more times inside the keyref The name of the keyref element. The name must be a nocolonname (NCName) as defined in the XML Namespaces specification. The name must be a nocolonname (NCName) as defined in the XML Namespaces specification.

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The scope of a key is the containing element in an instance document. A key means that data should be unique within a specified scope, nonnillable, Sep 02, 2005 Xml Schema substitution groups key keyref. NET Framework Forums on Bytes.

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