How to write an employment contract

A standard employment contract will stipulate, at its core, the nature of the relationship between employer and employee as well as the conditions of employment. If you're going to draft one yourself, it's helpful to understand the most essential elements.

Write the names of whom the contract is between, which is likely you and the your employee. Include your title, " employer, " and" employee" next to the names for clarity. How to Write an Employment Contract By Michelle LaRowe; Updated July 05, 2017 If youre hiring someone new or taking on a new job yourself, the only way to prevent misunderstandings and to assure that both the employee and the employer are on the same page is to write up an employment contract.

Employment Contract vs. Employee Handbook. The biggest difference between the two is that an Employment Contract applies to one employee specifically, whereas an Employee Handbook is given to all employees. Both may include information about benefits such as paid vacation days, health insurance and personal leave time.

Writing an employment agreement, or offer letter, is a pretty straightforward process. The important thing is to include all the details and make sure the wording you use is unambiguous.

Legal enforceable agreements differ from state to state. In most cases, hiring an employee doesnt require you to write an employment contract. After accepting a verbal or written offer, most employees show up on the first day for orientation, complete new hire paperwork, sign your company policies or employee handbook, and get to work.

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