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TOWIE's Megan McKenna is making waves in Essex as plans to reunite the girl band ends in a massive argument. And Georgia admits she doesn't like her. Mar 16, 2014 James Lock Lockie has an argument with TOWIE bitch Gemma Collins and Bobby Norris. Mar 20, 2013 series 8. comedy night. recorded off of my phone so its a bit wafty. absolutely hilarious! Last nights TOWIE ended on an explosive note following a huge argument between best friends Bobby Norris and Gemma Collins.

Their friendship has always been volatile, but it looks like TOWIEs Gemma Collins and Bobby Norris are no longer on speaking terms. It wouldn't be an episode of The Only Way Is Essex without a fullblown screaming match. And at the centre of the fireworks yet again was Bobby Cole Norris after he clashed with his 'frenemy However, Gemma has apparently been involved in a huuuuge argument with BFF Bobby Norris while filming for upcoming episodes of the show.

" Gemma and Bobby got into a massive row on set in front of the cameras he was accusing her of being a 'selfish bitch and she was furious that hed speak to her like that, " an insider told The Sun. TOWIES Bobby Norris has to be held back when a fight erupted between him and James Arg Argent after he joked about Gemma Collins photoshopping her head onto a models body. In Towie bobby argument essay scenes due to be aired on Sunday Bobby loses it with Arg after Gemma confronts him about a remark he made.

TOWIE: There's drama at Christmas as Gemma Collins and Bobby Norris fall out while eating their nut roast. Bah humbug. The outspoken star was at the centre of the drama on Sunday nights episode of The Only Way Is Essex, which saw even her loyal sidekick Bobby Norris turn on her.

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