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Mailing address: Use a permanent mailing address on your resume. If you are a student, you might include both your permanent address and your school address. If you are a student, you might include both your permanent address and your school address. SAMPLE RESUME# 1 Basic Format page 2. Addendum for Masters Candidates List two Addresses if you need both Present and Permanent Address ( Centered) QUALIFICATIONS Eighteen years of varied industry experience in senior level corporate communications Microsoft Word Resume Sample Page 8802.

doc Jan 10, 2009 Best Answer: If you are sending your resume for a job in NY, use the NY address. If applying for a job in Virginia, use that address. Only use both if you are applying for a job that has offices in both NY and Virginia. Standard resume templates usually include a place for your address at the top. AvidCareerists Donna Svei points out, however, how filling that area out can actually work against you and decrease your job opportunities.

If recruiters are going to discard your resume for having a toofar address on it, then dont put your address there.

Instead, Svei says, put your most recent employers city Oct 05, 2017 Without fully knowing your situation, I would recommend using the US address when applying for positions in the US and the other if you are applying for positions in UK. Including 2 addresses might raise some eyebrows. If youre not relocating, you should be indicating your location on your resume header in some way, even if its not a complete address. Two examples are below.

As you can see you can either put your full address or you can just put your city and state. As a local candidate, I do recommend one of these options. If youd like to relocate for work, you probably already know its best to leave your current address off your resume. However, its becoming increasingly common for professionals to remove this information, regardless of their target location. Below are the three reasons never to include your street address on your resume: 1.

Personal Safety. If you post your resume online, youre opening yourself to security risk. (2) No postings advertising or soliciting services, regardless of whether the services being advertised are paid or free.

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