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JET Program Statement of Purpose. The Unofficial JET Programme Guide. Menu Home Sample One: This Statement of Purpose was written by a successful JET applicant.

TAGS: JET Programme, Statement of Purpose, Essay, Application, JET SoP Advice, UK JET Personal Statement, British JET Statement The Jet Program statement of purpose essay is the single most important part of your application. Don't not read this guide.

Tags: JET Program, JET Program Statement of Purpose Essay, teaching in Japan. SHARE. Comments (7) Kei. My statement of purpose was about one tenth the length of that. Just goes to show, the whole application process is a mystery, haha. JET Program Statement of Purpose Essay JET Program Sample Interview Questions JET Program by Nicholas Klar. Every JET Programme applicant needs to complete a" Statement of Purpose". For the reference of any aspiring JET applicants this was the one I submitted successfully.

See this JET Programme page for other examples. There are three broad reasons why I would like to participate in the JET program which also encompass Apr 28, 2012 The Statement of Purpose essay, which is required in your JET Program application package, is arguably the most important part.

Before I get into what I wrote, take a look at what it says on the official JET Program website about the requirements for this essay: The JET Program Application Tips and Advice to Make You Succeed Dallen Nakamura June 21, 2015 6 Comments If you want to get accepted into the JET program, youve come to the right place. The JET Programme application usually opens sometime around late September through to October, and stays open for about a month. Just make it flow like you would with any regular essay, but keep your content organised.

The Jet Coaster's goal is to be the ultimate JET Program resource on the internet. Whether you are an aspiring JET, a The JET Programme, Japan JET Personal Statement of Purpose Essay samples and information for JET applicants.

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