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Women's Suffrage Essay The fight for women's suffrage, or voting, went on for about seventy years. The fight first officially started in 1848 with the first women's rights convention in Seneca Falls, New York. The Women's Suffrage Movement was an outgrowth of the general Women's Rights Movement, which began with The Seneca Falls Convention of 1848. The Convention adopted a" Declaration of Principles". The most influential leaders around that time were Susan B.

Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. A Womens Rights to Equality in Canada Every woman has the right to moral, legal and political choice. As we look to the past, women fought for the right to be treated the same as men and fundamentally to have the same rights as men.

Prior to the turn of the century, women had little to no rights. The first major argument for womens suffrage is that women and men are equal and since they both are citizens in the United States they should deserve the same rights as men.

It was also viewed by the many for womens suffrage that. women should have a voice in the government because they too have to follow the rule of the country. Men overlooked women in the past with much disregard for the abilities that they are capable of. Women were seen in society as housewives that are made for tending the house, cooking, cleaning and looking after the children. Womens Suffrage Essays Here we've compiled a list matching the top essays in our database against" womens suffrage essays".

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Susan was an acknowledged spokeswoman for the campaigns of the National American Women Suffrage Association (NAWSA) formed in 1878. She also wrote a magazine on women rights (Sochen 131). Alice Paul founded the founded the national womens party. Essay about The History of the Womens Suffrage Movement 977 Words 4 Pages Womens suffrage, or the crusade to achieve the equal right for women to vote and run for political office, was a difficult fight that took activists in Women's Suffrage The women's suffrage movement began in 1848 when a group of women met in Seneca Falls New York.

These women issued what became known as the Declaration of Sentiments and Resolution s, and 11

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