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" The Fat Girl" is a short story by a master of the form, Andre Dubus. The title refers to the protagonist, Louise, and the story covers her experiences from childhood through adulthood.

It's worth Andre Dubus finishes his story with a surprised Louise enjoying a candy bar and shocked to discover her husband Richard is still there.

In conclusion, The short story The Fat Girl by Andre Dubus shows many of the negative aspects associated with eating disorders, fat people, and the way society addresses them. Louise, the protagonist in Andre Dubus's short story" The Fat Girl, " has a furtive love affair with food. Throughout the story, Dubus describes this affair using the underpinnings of a real sexual relationship. In his short story" The Fat Girl, " Andre Dubus shows the destructive way society views food and addiction and how it adversely affects woman.

Also, describes a young woman's uncontrollable urge to eat to the point of obesity as it is the story of psychological hunger, not only for the love but also for acceptance as a whole person. In Dubus story fat girl, the story explores and develops one theme throughout, and that is the pressures from the society and how they affect the lifestyle of an individual.

The protagonist is Louise, and we learn about her relationship with the people close to her and the pressure they exert on her about her life.

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