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Nicholas Kristof, a famous columnist of The New York Times, wrote a controversial essay, " Saudis in Bikinis. " Published on his column on October 25, 2002, it opposed tra ditional rules of genders in Saudis Arabia with an ironic and disrespectful tone, even the title, Saudis in Bikinis, is rather offensive.

Saudis in Bikinis This is an essay where the title Saudis in Bikinis, clearly describes the content of the essay. The essay addresses the culture, beliefs and societal values of the Saudi Arabians, and their view on female dressing; especially the Oct 25, 2002 A version of this oped appears in print on October 25, 2002, on Page A of the National edition with the headline: Saudis In Bikinis. Today's Paper Subscribe. Help; Site Feedback; In the essay Saudis in Bikinis by Nicholas D.

Kristof, talks about a time where he was in Saudi Arabia, and women were wearing a abayas. An abayas is a long black cloak worn by Muslim women, it covers the whole body head to toe, but their eyes. Oct 20, 2015 response: saudis in bikinis How could anyone not want our help when we are so great and powerful? I am disappointed that, after having met and spoken with these women quoted in his essay, Kristof still chose to conclude with his belief that it is our right as privilege to scoff at a group of people that have chosen to not be a Saudis in bikinis essay, using essay writing service, thesis writing help xml dbq 9 essay causes of secession alcohol advertising in sports essay education of girl child is importance essay help brain cancer research essay professional business law essays hereditary haemochromatosis original research paper utra brown application essay all Saudis in Bikinis By NICHOLAS D.

KRISTOF RIYADH, Saudi Arabia On my first evening in Riyadh, I spotted a surreal scene: three giggly black ghosts, possibly young women enveloped in black cloaks called abayas, clustered around a display in a shopping mall, enthusiastically fingering a blouse so sheer and lowcut that my wife would never Nicholas D.

Kristof voices his opposing opinion in his essay" Saudis in Bikinis" observing and interviewing women of Saudi Arabia and their roles in society. In comparison to the United States, the women of Saudi Arabia are generally seen as inferior and subordinate to men, but in their defense there are always two sides to

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