How to write great web copy

How can the answer be improved? In order to write great, you need to know what great writing looks like. If youre not an active reader, make it a point to read more. I like to wake up early and read a book for about 45 minutes every morning. How to write web copy that stays true to your branding or your clients branding. How to persuade readers to do what you or your clients want them to do. How to use web copy to sell products and services. If youre a designer, you may have had a client ask you to write the copy for the website you just designed.

The secret to writing seductive web copy is to follow a proven 6step process. To get started, you need to know exactly who you want to seduce 1. Describe your ideal reader. Describing (and visualizing) your ideal reader makes your web copy much more vivid and personal.

Copy Tip# 1 Get a postit note and write the objective of your content on it. Ive just written my objective for this article Help people develop copy fit for publishing on the web. Stick this at the top of your machine or desk and after each section you write read this objective back to yourself.

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