How to write code in global asax

The Global. asax file, also known as the ASP. NET application file, is an optional file that contains code for responding to applicationlevel In one of my project I started writing code in Global.

asax file but we decided to write code in Global. asax. cs file code I tried to search for that one but that is not available in our application at that I learn one thing that is we need to add Global. asax and Global.

asax. cs these files to our application. For that one first right click on What is Global. asax file: global. asax allows us to write event handlers that react to global events in web applications. How it gets called: Global. asax files are never called directly by the user, rather they are called automatically in response to application events. Feb 19, 2011  Re: How to ReadWrite to. txt file in Global.

asax Feb 18, 2011 11: 02 AM SGWellens LINK Put the code that writes to the file in The Global. asax file is in the root application directory. While Visual Studio. NET automatically inserts it in all new ASP. NET projects, it's actually an optional file. It's okay to delete itif you aren't using it.

URL ReWriting with Global. asax. Rate this: Please Sign up or sign in to vote. We will learn how to achieve URL ReWriting using Global. asax file in ASP. NET to created SEO friendly URLs in our website or blog created with ASP.

NET. the code is in a similar format as in Global. asax file. Want to be reminded? Here is the code. From the above code, we can see that a new class (globalasax) was created in the ASP namespace which inherits from HttpApplication. HttpApplication is an interesting class itself. It implements the ASP. NET request pipeline, URL Rewrite using Global. asax. Lets start with simple steps, We will show you example of our CMS project that is under construction.

However, we will try to cover the basic steps from beginning to final to get job done with screenshots. The code behind file that is generated is named global. asax. cs, when using the C# compiler. To use code behind in global. asax manually, use the Application directive instead of the Page directive, like this: How can I use global functions in global. asax file? For example, if you want to do some action when the Session starts, you write the code under SessionStart.

you can't really define global functions. Since. NET is classassembly based, you should create a class, and give it static methods that you want to be global

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