How do you write a dance resume

Next up on your dance resume should be any professional experience and performances. Include any companies or groups you were part of, as well as any commercials, music videos or shows you were in. Dance Spirit suggested that you include the name of the choreographer and the role you played in shows. Do you dream of being a professional dancer someday?

Beyond just dance skills, youll need to know how to write a dance resume to start on your career path. Read on for some great advice from New York dancer and teacher Caitlin J. : For the preprofessional dancer, landing your first paid gig can be a daunting task. Every dancer needs a resume, but not every dancer knows exactly what should be on their professional dance resume. A professional dance resume features information that would not be found on a runofthemill basic resume, such as height, weight, dance skills, as well as, past repertoire and roles performed.

A dance resume is a wonderful tool for a dancer to use throughout their career. Whether applying for summer intensives, scholarships, and college dance programs, or gearing up for company additions and commercial gigs, a dance resume provides casting directors, choreographers and teachers with the necessary information to gauge a dancers Write a dance resume by including all the information you compiled into the resume template. Be certain to include your contact information. Once you finish, have a dance colleague or professional examine the resume for errors or suggestions before you submit it for any dance positions.

In this case, you may want to put your education toward the bottom of your resume and include a section on dance training toward the top. Teaching experience: This is the equivalent section to job experience on a business resume.

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