How to write a cpd log

In the example CPD record created for Amira, you can see typical activities covering a twoyear period, together with two short examples of the type of writing required to provide evidence of learning. Planning your CPD starts by making an honest assessment of your current situation and determining your professional development goals for both the current year and the medium term e.

g. next 2 to 3 years. You can fill in your CPD profile electronically, or you can write or type it if you would prefer.

We would like to encourage you to complete the profile and list of How to complete your continuing professional development profile 5. 6 How to complete your continuing professional development profile cpd Example activities for your CPD Your continuing professional development (CPD) is unique to you; its the story of your development, specific to your needs and area of subject specialism.

There are many nursing CPD portfolio templates available which you can refer to, they can act as a good starting reference point in which to show you the kind of information you need to consider including within your own portfolio and show how to recognize opportunities for recording your own evidence of learning. A good suggestion given by one of our CPD leads was to hold a CPD team recording session when you all get together in your team to support and encourage each other to do some reflective writing.

A good first subject for a piece of CPD recording is to focus on the PCF and identify where you 'fit' and consider how it guides your future What is the CPD Log? The CPD Log is a record of all CPD (Continuing Professional Development) activities you have undertaken to work towards your CPD goals.

The Log provides you with an opportunity to reflect on what you have learned and accomplished and how you are applying this learning. The CPD Log will help you monitor your You might choose to keep a binder or folder including documents such as certificates and notes that you have kept relating to your CPD, or you might keep this record electronically. You might follow a format provided by

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