How to write a christian biography

Keep the bio short. Because you are a minister, people want to hear you, rather than read about you. So, do not keep them anxiously waiting by burdening the reader (and listener) with a long bio. Keep it short. At the same time, try to narrow what the individual is going to read by making sure the information fits on one typed 8 x 11 page paper.

How can the answer be improved? Discuss themes central to the Christian experience. Common themes addressed in a Christian biography include an account of a moment of conversion, accounts of adversities faced in the life of the biography's subject and the subject's relationship with the community. Most readers will expect these issues to be addressed.

For example, a short biography for a church ministry outreach may introduce the person to the reader, yet also include personal and professional ties to the church. Knowing what facts to include will help you write a short biography that still provides enough information about a person's life and professional ties.

Christian biography is the means by which" body life" cuts across the generations. " Spiritual Journeys of Some Great Christians Alford, Henry ( Henry Alford ) ( Henry Alford In" Biographical Sketches" by A J Hare, 1895 ) ( Bio ) Unless your books are about family, simply adding details about your family in your bio doesnt make you personable. Use your words to make you personableafter all, you are a writer.

Lastly, we wouldnt send a manuscript to a publisher without having someone edit and critique our work. Compose a biography like youre writing a novel. Write and revise. Whittle it down until there is no visible fat. Your bio must be lean and mean! Below are two of mine, which I am currently crafting.

Carol J. Martin is a veteran blogger, inspirational writerspeaker and Kansas Writers Association member. (Yes, even as an old married woman and grandmother of four, she wrote for Christian Single Magazine! ) Vonda is the founder of the Christian Communicators Conference, helping Christian women by educating, validating, and launching their speaking ministries. A frequent instructor at writers conferences, she is an awardwinning playwright, A biography is the description of a person's life in a manuscript.

Technically, if you write a book on someone's life, it is called a biography, while if you write this biography yourself, i. write an account of your own life in a book, it is called an autobiography. 1. Your physical life: Construct a time line or write a narrative about your physical development and patterns of health, from childhood to the present. Have there been events in your physical lifeserious accident, major illness, etc. that changed the trajectory of your life?


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