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A middle school student I know came home from school with the task to recreate a medieval fort out of cake. I expect the History teacher thought this was a creative and engaging activity. This Homework. The word clangs with leaden dread, doesnt it? I hated it when I was a kid and Im not too keen now Im a teacher. Parents seem very keen on it and are quick to let schools know if an insufficient quantity of it is being sent home on a daily basis.

Clearly, this is one potential Whats the point of homework? on The Spectator We will have to look at how we are doing things. Will we even be doing prep? So spoke Eve JardineYoung POINT OF VIEW PRACTICE DIRECTIONS: Write the clue words in the box where they belong. determine the point of view. 1. I was nervous when it was my turn in the spelling bee. a. First person b. Second person Microsoft Word POINT OF VIEW PRACTICE worksheet.

docx Feb 09, 2008 Early on, the main point of homework is to get children used to the idea of working outside the classroom, Point of homework well as helping them develop timemanagement and organization skills. Later in elementary school and particularly in high school, children who do more homework score better on standardized tests. The point of homework is for students to practice the skills that they learn in class. Certainly there are many instances where homework causes domestic strife with the parents taking on the role of the learning police.

Homework has an impact size of 0. 29. Any longer studies over time reduced the effect size nearer to The Confident Teacher is a blog by teacher and author, Alex Quigley (@HuntingEnglish) Homework will include any activity related to classroom study that the students continue after school.

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